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Durian Story | 榴莲故事

We are currently hard at work on Durian Story; an app-based ebook by new Southeast Asian author Muzzy. This premiering ebook will showcase three interconnected stories by the author, and feature her original hand-drawn art with professional colouring and lettering.

我们正努力在篇写榴莲故事;一部东南亚新作者叶子著作, 基于软体格式的电子书籍。这本首次推出的电子书会呈现三部带有连贯性的故事,带给您叶子原本的手工笔画以及专业的填色与排字。

Durian Story - Book 1: Childhood (English)

What is it like, growing up in a small city in Southeast Asia?

‘Durian Story’ is the publication of the first work by the young new author Muzzy.

Presented as an app-based ebook and adopting the style of children drawings, it tells a harrowing tale that is a cumulation of her own experiences growing up, and of heart-wrenching stories revealed to her by the people she met over the course of her life.

The use of a ‘Durian’ as the protagonist of her tale, was chosen to emphasizes the unique identity and voice of the people of Southeast Asia.

榴莲故事1 之 童年(简体中文版)


《榴莲故事》 是新年轻作者叶子的初作。

是一个以儿童绘画风格,通过软体格式所呈现的成人故事书。书里所呈现的故事是李作者从个人经历, 以及从她在生活中所认识的人们口中得知的心酸往事,收集起来改编成的故事。